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The Academy of Dental Excellence introducing the advanced dental certified course in the speciality of Orthodontics that will allow any participant to confidently start fixed orthodontics in his practice. It will develop the necessary skills in the field of Orthodontics and understand its scope for use in primary care dental practice. Course covers the latest in fixed Orthodontic treatment mechanics with the exposure to clinical and research experience with teaching requirements.


"This Orthodontic Training Program running successfully since 15 years."


This course is designed in such a way that the participant can easily understand the basics and will confidently be able to incorporate fixed orthodontics in the general practice. Course will be of four months duration and will include topics like diagnosis and treatment planning till latest developments. Course advantages: It will be a good experience for participants as it will be truely hands on experience, patients are provided for each student and also ongoing case discussions and seminars on the related topics of the follow up cases.